The Global Outreach Program

Healthcare systems currently in place, may be insufficient.
Placing immense focus on Corporate Social Responsibility
we designed the Ring a Doctor Global Outreach Program

Help us reach out

Ring a Doctor Global Outreach Program is providing healthcare services to areas where it is inaccessible, or unavailable, via our comprehensive system of beneficiaries and donors. We reach out to people just like you, and offer them a chance to make healthcare accessible to those in need, to people around the world.

Ring a Doctor Global Outreach Program allows you to set up telehealth centers, either commercial or non-profit, in a certain region or regions, with the option of setting up more than one center if needs be. Your own personal staff operates the telehealth center, or you can choose for us to appoint nurses for a particular center. This allows you to help people, just like we do, be charitable, and promote good health across the world.

You can contribute to Ring a Doctor Global Outreach Program by making donations, that will be used for operational purposes of a particular center and making payments to the doctors etc.