Frequently Asked Questions

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Our services require high-speed internet connection and can be availed at any location with access to quality networks. Prior to using Ring a Doctor services, you will need to register as a patient. Registration is completely free.
Internet is a prerequisite to access our services. The website and application uses communication via the internet and therefore, either a working data connection (3G/4G) or WiFi is required.
Yes, you can opt for Prepaid and Pay as you Go packages. Most people prefer to choose Prepaid packages because it avoids them the hassle of depositing money before every call. Moreover, subscribing to Prepaid Packages entitle the account holder to several flat discounts.
Prepaid packages are available to customers with a minimum balance of USD 10. There is no validity period on Prepaid packages. The packages stays active until the depletion of available credit or if your account balance reaches USD 10. If you have added family members to your account, they can avail the discounts offered by Prepaid packages as well.
The prices vary based on the doctors. We allow the doctors to set a charge for 10 minutes of consultation. The costs are moderated.
Currently, we are not accepting medical insurances.
Our healthcare providers go through a comprehensive selection process. A thorough review of a Doctor's qualifications and experience is conducted. The doctors are also provided with adequate training on a needs basis. Before the doctors are allowed to go live, they are tested with mock patients.

Doctor Consultation

Yes, after your consultation session ends, the doctors are prompted to fill up a prescription form. You can either print the prescription and present it at a pharmacy of your choice, or you can choose to show the prescription on your smartphone screen. Please note that the prescription is only valid if that particular doctor is licensed to practice in that country/region.
You can search for a doctor of your choice by visiting the Doctor's database and conducting a search as per the available criteria including specialty, language, name, fee range, country and city.
If your chosen doctor is not online, you can book an appointment with the doctor by visiting his/her profile. You will be shown the dates at which the doctor is available for appointments and you may choose one that suits your needs. Please note that you can only book an appointment if that particular doctor has a set schedule. All doctors may not be taking appointments.
When the consultation ends, you will be prompted to provide a feedback. Your feedback goes directly to the moderators upon which the doctor is placed under observation. If the doctor fails to follow the guidelines, a disciplinary action will be taken. You can either give your feedback after the consultation or contact us via the customer support team. Please be sure to lodge your complaint within 48 hours of your consultation as the record of your consultation is automatically deleted after 72 hours.
Your information is perfectly safe and is stored on encrypted servers. We do not share your information with any 3rd party. Your information, with your consent, may be shared with the doctor you choose to consult with.


We accept all major credit and debit cards. We are in the process to implement PayPal as well. You can also make a wire transfer to one of our accounts, information to which can be found here. RaD courier service can also deliver RaD Prepaid cards ranging from 3000PKR to 5000PKR to your given address.
If you run into any technical issues regarding billing, please contact our customer support immediately.
Absolutely! Card data is stored using the most advanced encryption methods available today. Multiple encryption keys are used thereby offering your information several layers of protection.
If there is an issue with the consultation, and you would like a refund, please contact the support team.


We support all the major web browsers available on desktop and mobile. For best performance however, we advise you use either Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.
Please check to see if you are on data. If so, we strongly recommend you to shift to WiFi for optimal performance. If you do not have access to faster internet, we would advise to switch to 'audio only'. This will allow a consultation without the video hence, improving the quality several folds.
If the call disconnects with time to spare, the doctor will reconnect the call and the timer will resume allowing you to avail the remaining time on a consultation.
If you are having trouble accessing the application, we would recommend restarting your phone. If that does not work, please reinstall the application. If you are still unable to access the application, please get in touch with our customer support with the exact nature of the problem..
We currently support all Android enabled devices. For Android, you must have Android Ice Cream Sandwich or above. Mobile application for iOS users will be available in the near future.
We are sorry if you are experiencing such issues. Please make sure you own an Android-based mobile device. If you cannot find our application on the Google Play Store, then it is possible that you are currently on a version of operating system that we do not support.